Meet Christle

Christle is a 2001 grad of USAFA where she met her husband Zach.  They have been happily married since 2001.  After serving in the Air Force as an Aerospace Physiologist, she separated and PCS'd to Altus with her family.  After living 9 years in Altus OK, she now commutes back to Altus from Memphis, TN.  She loves spending time with her husband and their seven kiddos, and has a passion for serving her Air Force brothers and sisters.  She understands the challenges with TDY's and the Air Force flying training environment and therefore created Altus Pilot Suites for the TDY pilot.  Her vision is for pilot tenants to have the best accommodations with the top amenities, hopefully optimizing their performance during training. 


We'd Love to Hear From You!

Feel free to contact us via phone, text, voicemail or e-mail to make a reservation at one of our five furnished rental homes.  We are happy to answer any other questions you may have or to explain the process further to you.  We wish you well and as always we Thank You for your interest!  Sincerely,

-Christle Peaden and the APS team     

Altus Pilot Suites

Main Phone: 580-481-0420


Giving our Pilots the Best in Altus

Christle's goal is to serve you during your stay and to ensure you have a "suite" place to crash, optimizing your crew rest and training.  Striving to keep our homes the top in town for you!