Our Mission to Offer You Upscale Suites

So, you're coming to Altus for training or maybe you're already here and you're not digging your lodging and looking for something more, well we've got a wonderful alternative to offer you--a fully furnished rental home.  Plus, this is one that is sure to make your stay at Altus more enjoyable and hopefully your training more effective.  Our goal at Altus Pilot Suites is to offer you more of an upscale "suite", which in our opinion sets our rentals home apart from all the others in Altus. 

Understanding the rigors and challenges of training, I believe the more luxurious the lodging environment is, the more conducive it is to successful training.  However, unlike some of the other crash pads around, our goal was to set up an upscale sleek rental, with modern accommodations, decor, and top of the line furnishings.  We didn't want our clients to have to use older dated furniture or cheap materials, like you find at other places in town.  My desire was to set up a home with ALL the upgrades that I would want if I were staying here for training while TDY and to offer accommodations that I would be thankful to stay in, far above and beyond your basic necessities.  Renting a home that is furnished provides much more benefits than an unfurnished rental home or small hotel room.

YOU are our priority!!!  As our motto goes, we aim to give you "a SUITE place to crash."  For me and my team at Altus Pilot Suites, our reputation means more to us than our profit.  So if we can offer you one of the best furnished rentals in town, but our profit is less, that's a trade we're willing to make.  And, it's a Win-Win for you.  Since Altus as a town may not have a lot to offer the young, unaccompanied student here for class, we hope top-notch accommodations can make up for that and at least make your time here more enjoyable, relaxing and especially more conducive to successful training.  If you read our amenities list, I hope you will agree.  Plus, I am always seeking to make our product even better and have even more amenities on the horizon that I'm hoping to add in the future.

We WANT you to be happy, and genuinely care about your success.  As an active duty USAF veteran, I served as an Aerospace Physiologist and understand the need to take care of the USAF's pilots and enhance their training.  Don't get me started on CRM, nutrition, human factors and the benefits of good crew rest.  I guess that's why we want to offer you so much more than the standard because I have always had a passion to support the USAF'S aircrew, and I think offering a place to cook a healthy meal or a place to relax on memory foam mattresses is one great way to do it.  It's my way of giving back and showing you my appreciation for your service as a pilot in the world's greatest Air Force.  I understand the sacrifices you make away from your families as well as the hard work you put in during your training.  That's what fuels me and my team's passion to serve you via Altus Pilot Suites, offering you top-notch accommodations to enhance your training and success.   Our pilot tenants have been extremely happy and thoroughly enjoyed their stay.  We can offer you references anytime.  I am thankful for the opportunity to serve alongside fellow Air Force brothers and sisters in arms, not only as an Air Force veteran but also through Altus Pilot Suites.  I think it is a good thing to try to improve upon the lodging that has been offered in the past.  As a civilian now, I want to serve the lodging needs of USAF pilots and improve upon the basic necessities offered in hopes that it will enhance their enjoyment and success.  We simply want to offer something more, for those wanting other amenities.  

We are not trying to take the place of on base lodging or even hotel lodging if that is what you are looking for.  Why stay at a fully furnished home / crash pad? Is there a need for these? We believe there is a gap in the lodging available and seek to fill it.  Different students have different needs. We just want to offer another alternative for those whose needs are not filled on base or at a hotel. Altus has a unique and important mission to thoroughly train it's superb pilots in several syllabi, and it's TDY population is a big percentage of it's personnel. Most are here for extended TDY's, i.e. longer than a month and may be looking for an alternative to the standard hotel room.  Here are some possible reasons (Please forgive my physiology human factor views.  Can't help it.  I was trained that way...)

  • Eating out every meal or at the chow hall for several months can get old really fast and isn't always the best nutritionally.  
  • Or, if you are here for training with your buds from pilot training, you may all want to house together before going your separate ways to your permanent duty locations, instead of being booked in different buildings and locations on and off base, etc.  (We have even had roommates from pilot training, both come TDY to Altus and each book to rent a suite at the same house.)
  • Or maybe you are here with some folks from your guard or reserve unit and want to rent a whole house together because you've been buds for years and want to study together and build comaraderie.
  • Maybe you just have a sweet Corvette that you want to keep protected from the severe weather that often occurs in tornado alley here, so you want to park under a covered carport or in an enclosed garage.
  • Maybe you enjoy the extra square footage of space or extra living areas.  Or, maybe you like upscale amenities like a hot tub, memory foam mattress, or a personal 50" inch Television in your bedroom to improve your relaxation.  Plus, if you have a comfortable mattress to sleep on, it can definitely improve your crew rest and performance.
  • Maybe you want a place where you can hang out and get together as a class during your down time.
  • Or you want a larger place to study with your flying partner that offers a comfortable, relaxing, home-like atmosphere as you prep for your next flight or checkride.  A quiet roomy place to study with a nice desk can definitely improve the learning atmosphere.

There are many reasons a fully furnished rental meets the needs of a certain percentage of Altus' student pilot population, and on base lodging and hotel lodging simply do not offer these certain amenities.

However, a crash pad isn't for everyone.  Of course, if you prefer more private quarters and not to share the living and kitchen areas with others, then a crash pad may not fit your needs.  For many, the privacy of your own dorm room is a better alternative than anything else.  In addition, if being within walking distance to the flight line and the gym is a priority to you, then staying on base is definitely the way to go, in our opinion.  Most dorm rooms on base at least have a kitchenette for you to prepare some of your meals.  It honestly all depends on what is priority to you and what you as the individual desires.  Again, we don't want to take the place of on-base lodging and genuinely believe there is a need for the proximity and privacy it offers.  As far as off base hotel lodging goes, the per diem you receive helps to pay for the lack of even a kitchenette, but it still doesn't provide the healthy meals you may be looking to prepare and are usually just one standard hotel room, instead of one bedroom suites with separate living areas.  All our customers have successfully completed their training.  Plus, we have also had many comment on how thankful they were for such a wonderful retreat to come home to after a long day of flying and the ability to enjoy a whole house for washing clothes, cooking, studying, relaxing, etc.  We focus on providing it all to you so that you can focus more on your training.  It genuinely puts a smile on our face to know that our clients are happy and enjoying the place and that it's benefiting them in so many ways.  Your success in completing your flying course so you can sharpen skills as a pilot in our country's military is what drives us. 

So if you're interested, just give me a shout, and I can reserve a room for you to make yourself at home.  At APS, our goal is your ultimate satisfaction and success.  If there's have an open room, and you just want to take a look before making your decision, that's fine too.  I'm happy to show you the place with no commitment required, if you're trying to decide where to stay.  After all, we want you to have "a suite place to crash" to optimize your success during training, even if it's not with us.  Please, don't feel pressured in ANY way to live at ANY rental home!  Choose what is best for you and what best meets your housing needs. The choice is yours!  Wherever you decide to stay, we sincerely hope you enjoy your time at Altus, OK, and wish you success during your training.  Thank you once again for your service to our country.

Best Regards,
Christle Peaden

Altus Pilot Suites