Partners and Plugs

Here are some tips if you're coming to Altus and want the inside scoop of who we at APS are big fans of.  You can check out their links, so you don't have to take our word for it.


1.  Aviation Art.  These guys are awesome!  Founder, Designer and fellow USAF pilot Nick Anderson has created amazing poster and canvas military aviation art.  Each piece depicts a personalized aircraft, location, and base in such an artistic way with a modern yet vintage touch, even the color hues he chooses for each poster are inspired by the aircraft unit location.  We are thrilled to display their artwork in our rentals for our clients to enjoy!  Their work is so much better than the standard aircraft lithograph you find.  Plus their large 20X30 posters are super affordable.  If you're interested in putting an order in, use promo code: paedenproperties and get 10% off your order.  You won't regret your purchase!  

2.  Altus Home Builders.  Jed Winters is the best custom builder in Altus, hands down.  Check out his website and see what he has to offer, especially if you find yourself getting PCS'd here down the road.  In 2008 Jed built the home that is now for rent as suites on Heritage Trail.  He builds custom exquisite homes and has high standards for his products.  If you find yourself moving to Altus and want a house built, Jed's your guy!!!  He was one of the first Altusians we met when we moved here, and he is completely genuine, a man of integrity.  

3.  Are you looking for a place to worship and fellowship while you're TDY here?  Want a place to plug-in? There are lots of wonderful churches.  We invite you to check out Martha Road Baptist Church in between Altus and Blair.  There's several studies to get involved in as well as to encourage one another. Sunday service is at 8:30am and 11:00am.

4.  Need Storage or to Use a U-Haul?  Check out Altus Mini Storage and U-Haul on Falcon Rd, right across from the English Village Townhomes.  They have great deals, military discounts and are super friendly to work with.  We have used them numerous times.    

5.   Good Places to Eat in Town? Jersey Mike's Subs on Main St, and they give a military discount.  For fresh sandwiches, you can't go wrong there.  PickUp Taco for some great Mexican Food on Main St just a couple blocks south of the Main Square.  Enjoy the Sunrise Cafe for breakfast, especially for to-go orders right before showtime.  Plus, they also have delicious lunches too!  Are you craving a really juicy burger and some fresh cut fries?  Fat Daddy's on Main St will definitely satisfy you!  If you want donuts, check out Ye Olde Donut Shop on Main St.  The owners are such sweet people who put a lot of effort into making yummy donuts for all of us with a sweet tooth!  

6.  Other Activities:  Dave's Dugout just opened on Falcon Rd if you're into baseball and want to get some practice in or just to have a little fun.  They are right across the road from the townhome complex!  Check 'em out!  Outdoor Recreation on base has some great rental rates on equipment for camping hunting or fishing locally if you're interested.