What do the Regulations Say?  

  • In Short, it's all Legal and in Reg Compliance to stay with Altus Pilot Suites while TDY.  

That's a great question and an important one.  Me and my team at APS always want to conduct ourselves via our personal and business affairs in an honest manner and in complete compliance with the rules, laws and regulations.  If at any time we find out that we are breaking any rule, we will adapt and comply immediately or we may even shut down the business altogether and no longer offer our properties for lease.  We follow the Joint Federal Travel Regulations (JFTR).  We seek to abide by the rules of the travel regulations, and when we have a question, that is where we turn.  We also have worked with the Finance Office to make sure we interpret the rules accurately.  So if you have questions about the legitimacy of renting at a crash pad, we've done your homework for you.  Basically here's how it works.  As the member you have the option to choose where you would like to stay.  The billeting office CANNOT force you to stay on or off base in certain hotels.  This is true if you get a Non-Availability slip when you show up to check-in to billeting and they don't have any available rooms.  Plus, it is also true if they DO have rooms.  You are NOT obligated to stay on base simply because they have rooms.  The choice is up to you as the DoD/U.S. Air Force member.

How Do I Pay For My Lodging?

  • With your GTC, or any credit card you choose.

How Much Do You Charge To Stay At APS, LLC?

  • Non-A Slip Rate or On-Base Rate, whichever applies to your situation.

The default rate is the same as on-base billeting, $60.00 per night.

Do I Have To Sign A Lease Beforehand?

  • No, and we do not require a deposit to reserve a suite either.

What if my graduation date gets delayed or extended? Will you require me to move out on my original grad date?

  • We aim to be flexible and would never ask one of our tenant "pilots in training" to move.

We completely understand that flying students are at the mercy of the flying schedule.  As you know, many factors can cause a change to a pilot's grad date at no fault of their own, such as weather (especially in tornado alley), aircraft maintenance, sickness (DNIF), etc.  We realize pilots have no control over those factors. At APS, our policy is that once you check-in to one of our houses "your suite and house is yours until you complete your flying training course." We have never asked any of our tenants to move out or find other accommodations during their training.  You should never have to worry about that, especially at the end of your course when you are focusing on your upcoming check ride!  Unfortunately, we have found that not all crash pad owners operate under the same policy that we do. 

If a current pilot gets delayed in graduating, even if it's last minute, and it conflicts with an incoming pilot, that means we have to be flexible with our schedule.  We examine the schedule and would ask the arriving pilot to check into a different one of our 5 available houses until their specific reserved/requested home is available, at which point they are more than welcome to switch houses if they desire. Or he/she may opt to stay on base until their requested room is available (immediately after the delayed pilot checks out). As the incoming pilot, we will do our best to have your room ready the day of your reserved arrival, and normally there isn't a conflict. But if there is, we will also do our best to keep you informed. Usually the delay is no more than a few days or a week. Thank you in advance for your understanding.    

What Sets Altus Pilot Suites Apart from Other Crash Pads?

  • These 4 categories are where we strive to excel above the rest.  UPSCALE FURNISHINGS, MANY AMENITIES,  TOP QUALITY HOMES,  CUSTOMER CARE